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[sticky post] me

Mar. 19th, 2015 | 11:49 pm

i've had this account for years and years but recently deleted everything bc all the social media was getting too much lol.
you can find my other stuff here.

more about me. i am a boring person.Collapse )

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[download] one ok rock niche syndrome

Jan. 5th, 2017 | 04:12 pm

rly like this oor album

posting this like a week before oor's next album and i'm like, *screaming* i need to buy 2 copies again?!?! this english/japanese version thing is sucking money from my wallet like there's no tomorrrow


locked in 1 week or whenever i remember

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[download] one ok rock xxxv + deluxe edition

Jan. 5th, 2017 | 03:12 pm

haha it took me really long to rip this. all flac again bc im a sucker for hd. i even bought new fancy headphones to match


xxxv (deluxe edition)

basically the deluxe edition is the english version, and with 2 more songs:

  • last dance

  • the way back

will lock in a week, or whenever i remember

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how to 2016

Jan. 3rd, 2016 | 01:55 am

1. go to friend's house
2. eat friend's mama's cooking until u almost burst
3. laze around
4. wow 2016 arrives (excitement lasts approx fifty seconds)
5. drink alcohol and eat chocolate like the bum u are
6. watch the legally blonde musical
7. sleep at 5am
8. wake up in time for lunch
9. watch airbender
10. go to other friend's house
11. eat more

i kid. i mean, i did do all that, but i also had a terrible cold and ended up with stomach upset the morning after. haha. ha.

then i had to work on the day after.

so this is how i started 2016.

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2015 pending uploads

Oct. 30th, 2015 | 11:04 pm

05/01/17: took me over a year to upload more, im really the laziest. also added dl links for other stuff not in this post, check the masterpost pls

26/04/16: dont expect much pls, im a very lazy person

basically i'm dying from exams, but once they're over - about december or so - i'll be scanning and uploading all the things that i stress-bought. just making a list here to remind myself.

-hongo kanata 2016 calendar [sorry, 2016 was over before i scanned it and there's not much point scanning it now]
-nao tsukiji artbooks (2) [i actually have all 3 of her artbooks but they're too precious to scan. i won't be scanning them unless i get a second copy]
-all my shop photos: marius/iwahashi/sou/misc
-barfout 234 (with yamada)
-mizuhara x ninagawa photobook [ended up giving this to my friend for her birthday]

i also bought the goth novels...
and the snow prince gasshoudan cd, plus i have some one ok rock cds, so i guess i'll add

-snow prince gasshoudan flac [26/04/16]
-one ok rock xxxv normal flac [05/01/17]
-one ok rock xxxv deluxe flac [05/01/17]

am planning to buy more stuff in january-march-ish, not sure if i'll be buying them online or in japan, when i go in april, but

-paruru photobook [didn't buy bc i ran out of luggage space]
-ricchan photobook
-all the adekan volumes (1-9 i think) [didn't buy bc they didn't have all the volumes!! go hard or go home. i went home]

plus here is my magazines list, which you can request stuff from, i guess.

i stress-buy a lot of things, i really can't control myself.

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shokura content table

Jun. 23rd, 2015 | 01:37 pm

since i'm starting to watch all the backlog of shokura, i thought it'd be good if i put up the table of contents thing so that people know which episodes are relevant to them lol. tbh i started it for my personal reference but i thought it'd go to waste if i didn't share it.

will update the 2015 charts within three days of the episodes airing (took a break for exams, but am now back. expect eveything to be on time from january 2016 on) (definitely doing the 2016 ones too of course)

trying to do the 2014 charts too will do 2014 , but it'll be slow.

[2014] incomplete, Japanese/Kanji only
[2015] complete
[2016] ongoing

15/01/16: busy with work. will update on sundays.

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